Monday, May 25, 2009

My Son, My Hero

HERE IS JASONS FIRST LETTER TO US FROM AFGANISTAN AND A PICTURE OF THE MOUNTAINS HE WILL BE IN. My Family, Hey guys how is everyone, I miss all you guys already, well the flight was long about 14 hours, we flew from colorado to maine, then maine into germany, germany to kyrgyzstan, ans kyrgyzstan to afghanistan. There is an attachment of a picture i took of the mountains we will be in and were our OP is. This picture is from kyrgyzstan at the AFB we stayed at for two days. But anyways all is good im safe and sound, it is deffinately a different side of the world over here. But were here for good reasons, thats what were told at least, but ill email and call as much as i can i love you guys and miss you all thank you for your support it means alot and just in case i dont get a call or email dad happy fathers day thank you for everything you do for me and i hope to see all you guys soon. Love, Your Son
The first picture is the mountains he will be in for the next 12 months and the others are ones they took right before he left on the plane. We love you Jason-Be safe!

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