Saturday, September 26, 2009

My worst FEAR came true

My worst fear came true. While Jason was over in Afganistan,we get a phone call on Sept. 10 from Nikki that Jason was alive but he had been shot 3-4 times. I FREAKED out needless to say! She reasurred us he was alive and he was coming home, and the good thing is,he wouldnt have to go back. I was a mess I couldnt believe my baby was shot.

We got home and listened to our messages and Jasons sweet voice was on there, Mom and Dad, its me Jay,they flew me to Bostic and then there flying me to Germany, Ive been shot, I was shot in the hand and my knee and both my thighs, Then he goes on to say, Im going in surgery right quick and I will call you guys when I get out. I love you mom and dad. Our hearts were broken, I cried for hours and then he finially called at about 3 in the morning. He was in a lot of pain,but he was ALIVE. His life was spared and we are so thankful. Sadly though his LT Tyler PARTEN was killed in the attacked and 3 others were injured and being flown with him. One just happened to be his SGt. and very good friend. Nikki is actually living with his wife so its kind of ironic that they were both shot. We left monday night to go see our baby, words cant express the relief and sadness I felt when I seen my baby coming out of surgery and them wheeling him to his room. He reached out to me and said MAMA? I told him were here honey and we love you and everything is going to be ok. He improved tremendously over the week we were there and we were able to spend a lot of time with our grandbaby Carson. Nikki has been a solid rock through this whole thing and we are so thankful for her and her courage. Jason was shot in the hand and still has a lot of shrapnel in it but its going to be ok. He was also shot in the left thigh and has over 150 stitches in it and the bullet hit the muscle and just tore all the fat and skin away. He had a hole the size of a softball, its ok. The right thigh was also shot and it actually cracked his femur bone, it also has a lot of stitches. The right knee cap was shot on one side and the bullet went through the other side. That is probaly the hardest and most painful one at this point. But hes been getting therapy and he is improving, hes walking with crutches and was just transferred to a rehab hospital. We are so thankful that his life was spared and that he is home with his beautiful wife and baby. He will be here for the birth of Landon which hes due in November.He misses his troop over thRE,but he knows too that hes thankful to be home. Please pray for our troops over in Iraq and Afganistan,they need our prayers...Thanks for all the prayers,cards,texts,meals,calls,emails,treats and hugs we recieved on Jasons behalf. We so appreciate them!GOD BLESS THE USA!

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