Monday, December 14, 2009






WOW! What an eventful year the Stack family has had, it's hard to know where to begin so let's just
start with Dan Taylor, Lynda's dad passed away in May after a short 5 week battle with pancreatic cancer. What a bittersweet time for the family,how sad we were to lose him, but what a joyous reunion he must have had with his 2 son's and other family members that were there to greet him.

Then we have our Jason boy. Jason was called to war in Afghanistan in May 2009 he was there four months and was severely wounded from being shot several times in the hand, and both legs,shooting off his right knee cap and breaking his right femur bone. Jason suffered a long time on the mountain before crawling down to safety and being rescued. How grateful we are that our Heavenly Father spared his life, others in his troop were also shot and his LT sadly lost his life. While this is a tragic story Jason and Nikki welcomed a new baby boy to there family. Little Brennen was born on November 19th , and Carson turned 13 months old the day after he was born. Crazy close but they are both really good parents and we LOVE being grandparents. We are so thankful to our sweet daughter in law Nikki and her brave sweet spirit and taking care of Jason and those babies at a really difficult time. We took a family vacation to Colorado for Thanksgiving and got to spend a lot of time with them, and it was wonderful.

Taylor is in the 8th grade and is doing great. He made the varsity basketball team and is really enjoying it. He turned 14 in October,it's so crazy how fast time goes by. He is looking forward to high school next year. Taylor loves to hang out with his friends and they all love to go to the bike jumps and hurt themselves. What a great joy he is to us.

Logan will turn 12 in January and is looking forward to passing the sacrament in church. Since he was wee little he has always wanted to pass the sacrament. Logan is in the 6th grade and is such a joy to our family,he loves to play all sports and is looking forward to his basketball season and football season coming up soon. Logan loves to also hang out with his friends and play video games. Logan is truly a blessing in our home.

We have been blessed beyond all expectations this year. While we have had some tragic events, we have had some of the greatest blessings. We know we have a loving Father in Heaven that knows us and loves us and knows the pain we experienced this year and he knows that we needed our wonderful family and friends to get us through our trials this year and for all the prayers that were said in our families behalf, it is truly what carried us through. We love you all and hope you have a Wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Remember our Heavenly Father and Savior love each and every one of us. We have truly felt their love...PLEASE continue to pray for the TROOPS!

We love you all, THE STACK FAMILY

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Tanner Fam said...

The pictures are sooo good. Everyone looks so happy. Congrats on making it through another year.