Thursday, October 16, 2008


The Stack Shack and our new BLOG

Well, I am finally blogging... I have never done this before so if anyone has some good hints it would be great. I thought I would start out just telling you a little bit about my family. Sean and I met while talking on the phone, he was working for AZ Physicians and I was working for AAA transportation. I billed his company for the Access Patients to receive rides. We talked on the phone roughly a year and a half and when we finally met, we both new it was it. I had already had Jason from a former marriage but Sean just took him as his own and has loved him ever Since. We had two more boys together and Their names are Taylor and Logan. All three of these boys keep us busy.

Jason is married and living in Colorado, he is almost 21 and is proudly serving in the Army. He is expecting their first baby a little boy any-day now... We can't wait to be grammie and grampie.
Jason will deploy to Afghanistan in April of 2009. May Heavenly Father please keep him safe.

Taylor is 13 and boy is he 13. We are feeling the effects of another teenager. This time I think were more prepared. He loves riding his bike,listening to music,hanging out with his buddies, playing sports and riding the QUADS.

Logan is 10 and he is all boy. Logan keeps us on our toes and doesn't let us get away with anything. He loves video games, biking, sports,his friends and of course riding the QUADS. Logan is a joy to our family,he's the baby and he knows it.

We live in Surprise and we just love it here. In the summer I always tell Sean I want to move, but when fall hits I like it just where we're at... I think where here for a while.



Keli said...

Congratulations! Your blog looks great!

Woodland Family said...

YAY!!! I am so glad we can follow along in your blog journey!! You're the best! Miss you.