Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Snow Day

Ok this was the best trip ever. Last minute we decided to go to the snow,found a cheap rate at the Comfort Inn and went for 2 days. We havent had a family vacation in so long, I said you know what we are out of here, and OFF we went, FLAGSTAFF here we come! We had a wonderful time. The boys on Friday snow-boarded for the first time at Sanfrancisco Peaks, even Sean did-he couldn't walk for TWO days but he did it. They all actually did really well. It was scarey to see my boys on the ski lift, but they acted like they were Pros. By the time 4pm came in the afternoon my boys were beat and ready to go relax in the hot bath and eat a good meal.Neither one of them had ever slept so good in their life.I love times like this when it is so spontanious and you end up having the best time ever. I have to say it was actually one of my favorite family vacations,second to the BEST which was over Thanksgiving at Coronado Island in San Diego,that was a fun trip too! I think any time you can just get away for a few days is Wonderful..I am so grateful for my family, and thank my Heavenly Father everyday for them!

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Kristin said...

What a great memory! We love those spontaneous trips. We love San Diego too! We try to make it out there at least twice a year. We LOVE Philippi's Pizza Grotto on Garnet Ave too. Total yum. Oh, and can't forget Armando's Green Flash down on Mission Beach. GREAT breakfasts with tons of hardbodies walking by!