Friday, March 6, 2009


I am so proud of myself. Last January 2008 i made a goal that in 1 year I was going to do a 5k no matter if I had to crawl across the finish line. IN November yes November 2008 I started training for it,talk about waiting until the last minute.Well in January 2009 Susan said there's a 5k out in Surprise at the end of January 2009. So we all signed up and it was set in stone. I was doing my 5k.Sean actually did it with me. It was up at the White Tank Mountains and it was a beautiful morning, I was so nervous, I just wanted to finish and I did. It took me 56 minutes, but I finished and I was so proud of myself. I walk/ ran it thats what I have been training to do. Us girls actually have a really fun time running at 5 in the morning. It really is a great support system to keep you exercising and to have the girls cheering you on when you finish. I just wanted to cry like a baby when my girls were at the finish line cheering me on. It meant so much so much to me,I just hope they know how much. The real funny thing is is that Sean actually won a medal for coming in 3rd place for his age group. I kept telling him, thats my medal I should get that medal. I am so thankful for Sean running it with me, there was one time I just wanted to sit down for 5 minutes and we would'nt let me..... Thanks Sean I love you!


Dana said...

Way to go Lynda!!!!

Casey Lu said...

Way to go! I am glad you made it and that all your girlfriends were there to cheer you on as well as Sean!

Carca said...

YEAH Lynda!!!!!!
You did awesome and the race was so much fun...I still laugh when I think of the look on Sean's face when they called his name for the medal!