Monday, June 8, 2009

The boys and their SWIM_MEET!!!!

We love SWIMMING!!!

This is the 8th year the boys have been on the Surprise Swordfish SWIM-TEEM! This past Saturday on June 6th they had their swim-meet of RELAYS at the Y.M.C.A...They were each in 3 meets, Logan swam the breast stroke,free style and the back stroke, he took 2 second places and a 5th place. Taylor swam the breast stroke, butterfly and the free style and took one 3rd and 2 fourth places! It was so fun to watch them and to see how much they have improved over the last eight years.We have made some great friends and great bonding times through these swim meets. We brave the heat and the crowds,but to tell you the truth I wouldnt change it for anything...I love watching my boys compete in sports,I have to admit I am a little competitive and I sometimes can be one of those parents that asks the REFS if they need glasses or if their blind, but I am working on it, I have gotten better through the years. Thanks BOYS for letting us watch you grow up...

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