Monday, June 22, 2009

Sean Survived the TREK!!!!!

Handcart like they had to pull full of supplies!

Sean left on Wednsday the 17th to go on a Pioneer Trek, mimmicking the early days of our pioneers crossing the plains into the promised land. They left at about 5am and went up north for the journey. They are assigned to a family with a ma and pa and around 7-12 kids per family, his ma and pa were Spencer and Natasha Bailey. The first day they hiked 18 miles and didnt arrive to camp until around midnight, the whole 3 days they had to pull a hand cart that weighed around a thousand pounds, it was hard he said, very little food and hardly any rest in the 4 days they were gone they hiked roughly 30 miles. They had to bury a baby like the real pioneers had to do and try to endure all the pioneers had to do. He said it was a very spiritual and humbling experience. to sum it up in a few of his words, "The youth is what really got him through and lots of prayers, he was amazed at how strong the youth were and how much they endured to accom plish this Trek. I am so glad he got to experience this...When Jason was 17 years old he to did this same TREK across the plains, his ma and pa were Amy and Dave Benson, they said he was wonderful and very polite and on one of the rainy days Amy was cold and he gave her his jacket,they square danced, had to kill a chicken and skin it and eat it,he said also that it was a humbling experience! Jason has always been polite to adults and very repectful and I am so very thankful for his example to the younger boys! I am so proud of both of them for going and am looking forward to Taylor and Logan going in four years.

We take for granted all that we have to get through this life,sometimes we forget how blessed we are. I am so going to start counting my many blessings!

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